Annual Report 2011
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Social Responsibility

As its future is inextricably linked to the wellbeing of society, Bank Vozrozhdenie implements numerous charity and sponsorship programs, extending the scope each year. It seeks to support long-term projects that can have a positive effect on Russian society in the long term. The main social priorities are education, culture art and sport.

Education and youth development

The Bank traditionally supports initiatives to foster the creative potential of Russias younger citizens. In 2011, it provided support for the Look at Childhood social project and competition, which was organized by Volzhsky city administration in Volgograd Region. The aim of the event was to find and support young, talented workers in the citys general and pre-school education system and raise the prestige of the teaching profession.

Last year, the Bank continued to support the most promising students at leading Russian universities and institutes. In particular, it awarded scholarships to students from the government University of Finance, Rostov State University of Economics, Stavropol State University and Magadan Northeastern State University. Over the year, employees shared their expertise and knowledge with students in final years gaining work experience at the Bank. The best students were offered positions in the Bank.

In April 2011, Bank Vozrozhdenie played an active role in a municipal competition of students work on creating a competitive financial market in Krasnodar. It presented awards to the winners and, more importantly, gave the best students the opportunity to undergo work experience at the Bank.

In the summer, Bank Vozrozhdenie provided support to graduates from middle schools in the Chekov district of Moscow Region, giving 51 of them debit cards with a decent sum of money on account. As such, the best students were able to pay for goods and services at points of sale, make deposits, and withdraw cash from ATMs.

Art and culture

Bank Vozrozhdenie supports projects by museums and theaters as well as historical and cultural preservation endeavors.

In 2011, as in previous years, the Bank sponsored the Easter Festival, which aims to support disadvantaged sections of society, students and war veterans. Some 122 concerts of symphonic, choir, chamber and classical music were held in over 30 cities in Russia and several in the CIS.

The Bank was also the general partner of a concert by the world-famous state chamber orchestra Virtuosos of Moscow, led by Vladimir Spivakov, in Volgograd and the general sponsor of a festival of songs and poems by Vladimir Vysotsky in Saransk. In addition, in the capital of Mordovia, the Bank sponsored the World Folk Dancing Championship, in which over 2,500 performers and dance collectives took part from various countries and over 50 regions and cities in Russia.

In the winter, Bank Vozrozhdenie supported the White Columns film festival, which traditionally takes place in the Domodedovo district of Moscow Region. It featured a unique program of archive material from the state film collection, a treasure trove of national and world cinema consisting of over 44,000 titles. Around 300 cinematographers from Russia and the Middle and Far East took part.

In spring 2011, the Bank was a partner in the Platonov International Festival in Voronezh, which aims to be a cultural bridge between Voronezh Region and other areas in the country and worldwide. The main objective of the event, which was being held for the first time, was to show the creative experiments formed from the literary heritage, or dedicated to the work, of author Andrey Platonov.

In May, Bank Vozrozhdenie supported The Victors Parade in Volgodonsk. Together with the newspaper Volgodonskaya Pravda and the Rainbow House of Arts and Crafts, it also founded a state competition of literature and art for young people called Thanks for Victory! Its main aim is to preserve the memory of World War II heroes.

In June, the Bank was a partner of the Illusions of the Old City celebration, timed to coincide with City Day in Petrozavodsk, for the second time. During the event, a unique quarter of the old town was transformed into a historic theater: participants wandered the streets dressed as peasants from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, while there were familiar symbolic scenes from city life of that era.

Also in June, the Young Tula festival, dedicated to National Young Peoples Day, was held in Tula, and Bank Vozrozhdenie was general partner. The program included various events: a concert by young performers and winners of municipal and regional festivals, a sports day, a hip-hop festival, and an exhibition and trade fair by young economic companies.

In December, the Bank sponsored the First Frames photo exhibition by the Kommersant publishing house in Nizhny Novgorod, which showed the best shots from the publication. In addition, last year, the Bank played an active role in preparing for and celebrating the 865th anniversary of Tula, the 425th anniversary of Voronezh and the 230th anniversary of Istra.

Supporting business forums and competitions

In 2011, Bank Vozrozhdenie supported leading events aimed at developing financial services and entrepreneurship in Russia. In June, it was a partner in the 10th International Postal Delivery Forum in St Petersburg. It featured discussions about current development issues in the information communication sector, the modernization of traditional post services and the creation of related businesses.

Meanwhile, the Bank was a general sponsor of the first annual regional competition Entrepreneur of the Year in Karelia. It also supported the International Forum for Young Entrepreneurs Companies (known as SMP in Russian) in Yaroslavl and the First Investment Forum in the Kolomenskoye district of Moscow Region.


Last year, the Bank made a major contribution to the Give Life fund, which helps children with cancer. The funds were used to buy vital equipment, infusion devices, for the Dmitry Rogachyov Federal Scientific and Clinical Center for Pediatric Hematology Oncology and Immunology. In addition, some of the funds were used to pay for the work of the psychology service of the Russian Childrens Clinical Hospital.

The Bank also took part in various regional charity events in Khabarovsk, Podolsk and other cities where it is present.


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