Annual Report 2011
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Human Resources

Employees who underwent distance learning in 2011, number

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Bank Vozrozhdenie is committed to developing the full potential of all employees. Its key HR priorities are creating decent working conditions and adequate material stimulation, providing quality professional training, creating possibilities for career growth, and training staff to provide quality customer service. Its HR policy also aims to encourage internal transfers that enhance the efficiency of internal communications and reduce the non-production expenses of work time.

The Bank seeks to attract the best people. When selecting employees, preference is given to people with a higher education, practical experience in banking, and a professional approach to solving production issues. Last year, the headcount reached 6,671 people, of which 59% had a higher professional education. The average age was 39 years, while staff turnover was 16.7%.

A key element in supporting the motivation of employees is fair material remuneration. Employees receive a decent compensation package that is reviewed annually. In 2011, the average salary at Bank Vozrozhdenie rose by 17% year-on-year. In 2012, the Bank plans to continue streamlining the employee motivation system, which is based on ways of encouragement for results achieved.

One HR priority is training employees and helping them to acquire additional qualifications. The main ways used at the Bank are electronic distance learning (electronic courses), distance studying online (webinars) and external training (seminars, trainings, etc).

The most popular system at the Bank is distance learning, through which some 4,750 employees gained additional qualifications in 2011, up 69% year-onyear. Nineteen courses were run, the most popular of which were Principles of Communication for Employees of the Bank, Principles of Ensuring Information Security at the Bank, Signs of Counterfeiting and Rules for Checking the US Dollar, Rules for Accepting Damaged Foreign Banknotes and Combating the Legalization (Laundering) of Income Obtained Illegally and Financing for Terrorism. All employees of the Bank have access to the Training and Development Portal and may take part in a discussion about any professional issue.

There are two types of courses at Bank Vozrozhdenie: those held in-house and those at higher education institutions. Last year, over 2,150 employees went on courses. The most popular included Training in a New banking Product the Vbank With You service, Retail Business, Lending to Corporate Clients:

Current Issues, Practical Knowledge, Enhancing the Efficiency of Sales to Corporate Clients, and Insuring Borrowers.

Last year, training of heads of business divisions continued using the fourmodule Effective Manager program, which over 110 people underwent. This year, the Bank plans to introduce several new training programs for managers.

The Bank pays particular attention to its program for creating a talent pool from its employees. Its aim is to ensure that freed or newly created managerial positions can be filled efficiently. Last year, the work continued to organize a modern mechanism for promoting promising employees to managerial positions.

Bank Vozrozhdenie actively develops partnerships with further and higher education institutions. In particular, it has close relations with the State Academy of Finance, North-West State University, Rostov-on-Don State University of Economics, and Stavropol State University, among others. In 2011, 28 students from these institutions received a grant from the Bank and around another 40 students underwent work experience.

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