Annual Report 2011
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Bank Vozrozhdenie makes every effort to minimize any negative effect of its business on the natural world around us and reduce its consumption of resources that are vital for operating activities.

The current business has little impact on the environment, as it involves providing banking services, which do not generate emissions into the atmosphere or the water supply. At the same time, the Bank recognizes that it has an indirect effect on the environment through its use of heat and electricity. It has an automated system that measures energy resources used, as well as a system for controlling traffic and equipment, and it identifies any irrational use of energy and implements the measures needed to avoid them. Every five years, the Bank hires a specialist organization to conduct an energy audit, and the next one is scheduled for 2012.

Bank Vozrozhdenie is gradually switching to more economic lighting sources. Head Office and 45% of branches now use energy-saving light bulbs.

In 2011, the air-conditioning equipment in all Bank premises was replaced with more modern, economic and safe units.

Each year, ahead of the autumn and winter season, measures are undertaken to reduce the loss of heat from Bank buildings and the insulation of the heating system is replaced. The Bank does everything possible to minimize heat losses from offices and branches and thus avoid the irrational use of natural resources.

Meanwhile, the Bank is taking steps to reduce its paper consumption, including phasing in electronic document processing, as well as introducing modern banking technologies and self-service equipment. In 2010, the volume of paper used was reduced by 1%. Paper documents are kept in the archive for a certain period, after which they are sent to special enterprises for recycling.

Bank Vozrozhdenie pays particular attention to the environmental characteristics of its vehicle fleet, striving both to reduce fuel consumption and use the most efficient vehicles. At present, more than 50% of its vehicles comply with Euro-4 standards.

The Bank follows the necessary procedures for disposing of waste and equipment properly. Bulbs, outdated electronic equipment, and batteries are sent to specialist companies for correct disposal, while tires and vehicle accessories are recycled for subsequent use in various industries.

IR contacts

Tel.:  +7 (495) 620 9071
Fax: +7 (495) 620 1953

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