Annual Report 2011
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Banking technologies

The Bank pays close attention to banking technologies, considering them an important factor in developing all lines of business: corporate, retail, financial, and bank cards. In its work to improve and upgrade technological infrastructure, the Bank also focuses on developing internal business processes, including internal accounting and providing management information for planning, analysis and decision-making, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance.

In 2011, the development of technology focused primarily on expanding the functionality of banking systems and increasing their productivity, as well as centralizing and automating certain functions. The Bank completed the automation of transactions for CONTACT, a system for transferring money without opening an account. This reduced labor costs and allowed some functions to be transferred to the head office. An important project in 2011 was the launch of the “Vbank with You” service, which enables individual customers to manage their accounts remotely online. The Bank also automated dealer transactions in futures contracts.

In 2012, the priority regarding banking technology will be increasing efficiency, including that of divisions, as well as technology and service processes as part of streamlining the operating model. The Bank will continue to work on creating a single electronic data repository and integrating it with banking and CRM systems. There will be a particular emphasis on the mobility of professionals between business units. The Bank will also continue to develop the customer self-service system for terminals and mobile devices, as well as undertake other measures to improve and simplify client interaction.


IR contacts

Tel.:  +7 (495) 620 9071
Fax: +7 (495) 620 1953

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